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Why BenefIT

Our Strengths

Global Solutions

We offer world-class solutions to our clients, that are supported by leading application developing companies like the Microsoft Corporation.

Industry Standard Practices

These solutions are designed by a strong team of specialists, and they integrate the best business practices for each industry that they are aimed for.

Adapted to Local Requirements

Besides the global business practices integrated in the product, we ensure that these solutions also meet the local authority requirements in countries where we implement them.

Flexibility to Adapt to your Company (Customizable)

Each Company has its own requirements, according to their business practices, that makes them unique within the market. This is why our solutions are flexible enough to adapt to the particular needs of our clients.

Certified Methodology

Finally, a critical component to ensure the correct performance of the product’s functionalities to be implemented, is the way the system is first started in the Company. This is why our solutions are implemented using a methodology certified by the manufacturer of the system, ensuring success for each Project.

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About BenefIT

BenefIT is the trademark of our companies Beneficios para TI, S.A. de C.V. (México) y BenefIT Chile, SpA (Chile).

We are a Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience supporting our clients in the implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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