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For over 25 years, Microsoft Dynamics SL has stood out by its functionality, performance and ease of use in supporting growth of mid-sized businesses around the world. Form financial and project management organizations, to distribution and service companies, Microsoft Dynamics SL allows people and systems to work jointly to support the growth goals of businesses, and helps your company work more efficiently.

With Microsoft Dynamics SL you have access to powerful capabilities for project and financial management, which are designed to identify unique needs of project or service-oriented organizations.

Some of the industries where Microsoft Dynamics SL is focused on, are the following:

  • Construction: Project management solution, time and budget control, labor cost, supply management, subcontracts and more – all integrated with the financial functionality.
  • Services: helps improve decision-making by managing people and finances, besides keeping profit by customer, service and Project, among other dimensions.
  • Distribution: Solution for sales, purchases and inventory control. Integration of the distribution chain, besides the financial requirements of the business.

The business management solutions are designed to help automate the unique business processes and accelerate the success of the organization. Therefore, licensing is offered in two editions:

  • BUSINESS ESSENTIALS (BE) edition, aimed at clients with needs mainly regarding financial management and commercial functionalities (Purchases, Sales, Inventory).
  • ADVANCED MANAGEMENT (AM) edition, aimed at clients that have additional needs besides the functionalities of the Business Essentials edition, regarding Project Management, Lists of Materials, Work Orders, Service Dispatch or Subcontracts.

In addition to the BE and AM available components, each edition offers the possibility of accessing a specific group of modules that provide more functionality to the special needs of the business. Both editions are Multi-Currency and Multi-Company.

More information:      https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/sl-overview


The next generation of Microsoft business applications offer a way to integrate all business areas, from Financials to Operations, Project Control, Field Services Customer Service like Sales, Support and Marketing; under the objectives of Productivity, Intelligence, Mobility and Unified Services.

You will get follow-up tools to keep your customers and they will have a better service experience.

More information:      https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-us/


This solution enhances Microsoft Dynamics functionalities by integrating robust workflows and tools for the approval or review of documents through internet, e-mail or mobile devices, for the Purchase Requisition module, Expense module, Vendor Invoices and/or Timesheet control for Projects.

Its interface is intuitive and simple, with great strength in distribution and approval flows of documents that will guide users through the whole process, from the requisition until follow-up from other modules in Dynamics.

Its capabilities to route approvals directly and flexibly improve communication, lower processing time and eliminate “bottlenecks” in the following way:

  • Keeps a tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics, which eliminates the need to duplicate data records in multiple systems. It records once and this information travels over the most important areas.
  • The Mobile functionality provides online processes for submittal, review and approval.
  • Besides access through mobile devices, approval and rejection of documents using e-mail is available.
  • ReQlogic allows the creation and customization o routings around a single policy, simplifying the audit and operation processes.

More information:      http://www.reqlogic.com/

Power BI

It is a group of business analysis applications that allow data review and sharing. Power BI panels offer users a 360° view of their metrics in a single place. Information can be updated in real time and it is available in all devices.

With a single click, users can explore underlying data of a panel using intuitive tools that allow them to get answers easily. The creation of a panel is a simple operation thanks to the more than fifty connections to renowned business applications, that are completed with pre-built panels designed by experts to help speed up launch.

Additionally, users can access their data and reports from any place using the mobile applications of Power BI Mobile, which are updated automatically with all changes made to the data.

Power BI can unify all data within your organization, either in the cloud or locally. With Power BI Gateways you can connect databases from SQL Server, models from Analysis Services and many other data sources to panels in Power BI. If you already have a website or reporting applications, insert reports and panels from Power BI to enjoy a unified experience.

More information:      https://powerbi.microsoft.com/es-es/what-is-power-bi/