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Why BenefIT




Global Solutions


  • One of our principles as a technology provider is that the solutions we implement with our clients should be global solutions, widely tested and supported by a world-class manufacturer, who procures continuous improvement of the system and ensures its permanence in the market.
  • This is the reason why we have chosen Microsoft Dynamics TM as our main product line, since the Microsoft Corporation is one of the most world-renowned manufacturers and a leader in solutions for medium-sized businesses.
  • Having Microsoft’s support as the manufacturer of the solutions we offer, gives our clients reassurance that their investment is continuously updated and keeps competitive over time.
  • Microsoft has a policy of generating a major update for ther Microsoft Dynamics TM solutions every two years. This guarantees proper performance through technology changes.
  • Additionally, once a major update has been released, there is a support period of ten years after its launch. During this period, Microsoft will keep a team of specialists dedicated to solve any issue with this particular versión of the product.

Standard Practices in the Industry


  • These global solutions automate work and operation flows in various industries. In order to have these processes automated correctly, the system’s native functionalities incorporate good business practices, that have been studied and added to the systems by staff dedicated to the design of these applications.
  • There are standard business practices for various industries. The solutions we implement are strongly aligned with finacial processes, distribution of godos, Project management and services of different mid-sized businesses.
  • These processes have been tested not only in our country, but by similar business all over the world, with the objective of easing operation of the diverse business that adopt these solutions.

Customized for Local Requirements


  • The global design of the solution created by the manufacturer must be complemented with the local requirements of each country or region where the implementation is taking place. This is why we have validated that these solutions comply with local regulations in the markets where we operate.
  • In the case of Mexico, we have incorporated in the solutions we implement, those functionalities required by SAT regarding Electronic Accounting, Electronic Invoicing, effective taxes management, and reports like DIOT, among others.
  • In the case of Chile, we have incorporated to the system the SII requirements regarding ledgers that must be delivered on a monthly basis, like the Sales Ledger, Purchases Ledger, Professional Fees Report, and other reports required by the authority.

Flexibility to Adjust to your Company (Customizable)


  • Besides the global and local functionalities required for the business operation, each Company has particular processes that make a difference within the markets they participate in.
  • The systems we implement for our clients were designed by the software manufacturer to be flexible and to allow customizations to the system structure.
  • These customizations are developed with system’s native tools, in a way that makes them portable to new application updates released by the system manufacturer.

Certified Methodology


  • The implementation of business systems is an intangible asset for companies since it is not palpable, but it inserted into the business operation of our clients.
  • Another important thing is, besides the functionalities to be implemented being the right ones (global business practices, aligned with the local requirements, and customized for the particular needs of each Company), that the way these systems are incorporated into the business operation is adequate for its successful release.
  • This is the reason why we use the Microsoft Sure Step TM implementation methodology, which leads us in an orderly fashion through each step of a Project for the adoption of new business technologies of any Company.